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Night Vision Generations Defined

Generation 1

night Vision Generation 1

Typically uses an S-20 photocathode (with photosensitivity of 180-200 ľA/lm) and electron acceleration to achieve gain. Gen 1 devices perform best when ambient light (moonlight or starlight) or sufficient IR illumination is available. Geometric distortion (fish-eye effect) is inherent in all Gen 1 devices. Life span of a Gen 1 tube (image intensifier) is approximately 1500 hours of continuous operation.

Generations 2, 2+ and Super Gen

night Vision Generation 2

Usually uses an S-25 (extended red) photocathode (with minimum photosensitivity of 240 ľA/lm) plus a microchannel plate to achieve gain. Gen 2 devices provide than better-satisfactory performance at low light levels and exhibit very low distortion. Life span of a Gen 2 tube is approximately 2500-3000 hours of continuous operation. Newly developed European “Super-Gen” tubes which achieve performance levels of early versions Gen 3 Image Intensifiers can be a valuable alternative to standard Gen 2+ tubes.

Generation 3

night Vision Generation 3

The most advanced level of night vision technology, Gen 3 uses gallium-arsenide for the photocathode (with photosensitivity of more than 800 ľA/lm in the 450 to 950 nanometer - near infrared - region of the spectrum) and a microchannel plate for gain. The microchannel plate is also coated with an ion barrier film to prolong tube life. Gen 3 provides very good-to-excellent performance in extreme low-light levels. Recent Mil Spec quality tubes have no perceptible distortion. Life span of a Gen 3 tube is 10,000+ hours of continuous operation.

At the present US Armed forces are issued NVDs with expanded sensitivities in the deep IR range. On a limited basis these technologies are beginning to become available commercially for the US and its allies.

NOTE: Manufacturer data sheets guaranteeing a minimum resolution of 64lp/mm are included with Night Optics USA night vision devices configured with Gen 3 US SELECT "A" image intensifiers.

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